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Innovation and data protection are becoming increasingly important and can be a decisive competitive advantage in the healthcare industry. For this reason, AlpineAI offers secure AI solutions that are specifically tailored to the requirements of hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.

While our products create a reliable foundation for digital transformation and increased efficiency, they enable precise patient analysis and personalized healthcare. Discover how SwissGPT is helping to shape the future of the healthcare industry.

With SwissGPT Shield healthcare organizations can leverage the full potential of public voice models like ChatGPT without revealing sensitive information. 

With SwissGPT Enterprise healthcare facilities unleash their full potential thanks to the institute's own language model, which enables more precise and customized interactions. 

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Your advantages with SwissGPT

Robust data protection

SwissGPT anonymizes sensitive information before sending the request to the public language model. Despite anonymization, SwissGPT maintains the context of the request, enabling effective data use and user privacy.

Secure hosting in Switzerland

Our servers host the language models on state-of-the-art digital infrastructure in the Zurich area.

Insightful analysis

SwissGPT provides informative insights into the company-wide use of the digital assistant ChatGPT. These analyzes enable your company to understand usage patterns, which provide essential information for strategic decisions and process optimization.

Simple integration
via APIs

Integration into existing systems occurs through versatile APIs and enables seamless integration into various IT environments.

Language model flexibility

SwissGPT seamlessly connects to the language model that best suits your company's needs. Should a more advanced model become available tomorrow, there will be a smooth transition to this technology. In this way, we guarantee the highest quality and independence from individual companies.

Bespoke customization

SwissGPT Enterprise is precisely tailored to the individual requirements of your company. From selecting the language model to defining your own database and designing it, you can adjust parameters yourself.

Only with SwissGPT Enterprise

Versatile applications for hospitals and homes

Text creation and processing

  • SwissGPT enables efficient writing, summarizing or rewriting of texts, which saves time and resources in content production.

  • Complex information can be precisely converted into understandable information
    Texts are converted and so on
    Improve communication.

  • Examples: Medical reports, applications, emails, presentations, internal communication, approvals and press releases 

Document analysis and processing

  • With SwissGPT, medical applications and other documents can be analyzed precisely, allowing relevant information to be extracted and summarized.
  • SwissGPT's ability to process documents quickly and accurately helps organizations respond more efficiently to requests and data analysis and supports process optimization in healthcare institutions.

Automated patient care

  • Integration of chatbots and voicebots to efficiently answer patient queries, provide health information and improve patient interaction.

Decision support

  • Analysis of complex medical information for additional support in decision-making processes, diagnoses and risk analyses.


  • SwissGPT serves as a creative partner in idea generation by suggesting innovative approaches and thus supporting brainstorming sessions.
  • By stimulating new perspectives, SwissGPT helps to develop creative solutions to the challenges faced by healthcare institutions.

Logging and translating

  • SwissGPT automates the transcription and recording of medical meetings, patient conversations and other relevant content for accurate patient histories.
  • SwissGPT automates the translation of medical reports and other documents and communication in multiple languages to facilitate intercultural collaboration.

Research, training and further education

  • SwissGPT supports comprehensive research by providing precise information and making complex topics understandable for medical staff or patients.
  • As a teaching and learning aid, SwissGPT helps to make training and further education in the world of work more effective and to impart knowledge efficiently.

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What others say about SwissGPT

AlpineAI's SwissGPT product consistently impresses me because it offers Swiss-based data security for all AI applications from companies, public administrations, health and educational institutions. This is crucial for those responsible and managers there in order to protect against the known risks (data export to the USA; social media bashing, etc.).
Dr. Henry Goldman
Senior speed coach and AI user from the very beginning
The SwissGPT Shield, which is operated in the highly secure Swiss data centers, analyzes the requests entered in real time and continuously anonymizes the data declared as sensitive. With SwissGPT Shield, customers and their users receive the added value of using the latest AI technologies and the security that no sensitive data leaves Switzerland.
Marcel Trüb
CEO Regional IT Center (RIZ) AG

These hospitals and homes use SwissGPT

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The secure language model architecture

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Frequently asked questions

Your data is hosted at Green Datacenter AG in Lupfig AG. Green Datacenter AG holds several certifications, including ISO 27001 (leading standard for information security management systems (ISMS)).

AlpineAI ensures the highest level of security through secure hosting with trustworthy partners in the Zurich area. All our partners are ISO27001 certified.

We offer a wide range of customization options, from selecting the appropriate language model to defining your individual database. We can also easily adapt the design of SwissGPT to your company’s corporate design. In this way, we ensure seamless integration into your systems as well as compliance with your corporate design guidelines.

The integration of SwissGPT into your existing IT systems is seamless using versatile APIs. There are various approaches to successfully integrating SwissGPT into your company - we would be happy to advise you. Here you go contact form.

SwissGPT continuously learns from usage by analyzing interactions with users. Through this learning process, SwissGPT is constantly improving, delivering smarter answers and providing increasingly precise solutions. Additionally, SwissGPT also generates valuable insights that help your leadership team make informed decisions. Of course, this usage data is strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties or used for any other purposes.

The costs for implementing and using SwissGPT vary depending on the specific requirements and size of your company - we will be happy to advise you. Here you go contact form

SwissGPT is LLM-independent. Our AI researchers always keep an eye on the latest developments and use the LLM that is most stable and robust for our customers. If an LLM is not available, we can exchange the LLM with almost no delay, so that SwissGPT is always available.

SwissGPT can be integrated into your system landscape at any time. Once the contract is signed, the rollout process begins. We offer your employees a user workshop where we explain how to exploit the full potential of SwissGPT. In this way, we ensure that your team can use the most important prompt techniques and is optimally trained in dealing with AI systems.

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