Podcast: AI in communities and authorities

ki für schweizer gemeinden

Artificial intelligence is also used in Municipalities and authoritiesn are being used more and more frequently. In this podcast episode Sophie Hundertmark (AI expert and Growth Lead at AlpineAI) Michel Knecht (Managing Director of Gemeindesupport).

In his role, Michel Knecht looks after many municipalities in Switzerland and knows the work processes and challenges of the authorities and administrations.

In addition to the classic applications of artificial intelligence in municipalities, Michel Knecht also provides further information on the topic of employee training and change culture within the authorities. He discusses which foundations need to be in place alongside technology in order to benefit from AI.





Further resources for municipalities

In addition to the most important applications of AI tools such as SwissGPT, the following guide also contains important and comprehensive prompt tips for the successful use of AI tools. These tips not only apply to SwissGPT, but also support users of other AI tools in the successful use of AI chatbots.

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