About AlpineAI

Our Mission

At AlpineAI, we are on a mission to revolutionize the landscape of AI solutions. Founded in 2023, our Zurich and Davos-based team of dedicated AI enthusiasts combines innovation, expertise, and a passion for technology to provide enterprises with advanced AI software.

Our Vision

In our complex and data-driven world, companies are often faced with the decision of either losing out or taking data risks when relying on advanced AI technologies such as ChatGPT. We believe that this dilemma should not exist - which is why we have developed SwissGPT with leading Swiss AI specialists. With our SwissGPT solution, we enable companies to benefit from cutting-edge technology and innovative AI solutions while ensuring data protection at the same time


Our Core Values


We share our passion, know-how and experience and drive innovation and creativity.


We trust in our abilities and promote a culture of trust and reliability.


As pioneers, we lead by example, imparting wisdom and insight with a commitment to transparency.


We are curious in our hearts and minds and always want to learn and understand more by expanding the boundaries of knowledge.


We value the power of different points of view and know that our strengths lie in our differences.


We express our gratitude and recognize the achievements and commitment of our team.


We are challengers and strive tirelessly to improve our development.


We learn and grow through feedback and see every experience as a step on the way to our goals.


We are courageous, face uncertainties and challenges and dare to step out of our comfort zone.

What Sets Us Apart

Leading minds from several AI laboratories in Switzerland are part of AlpineAI and thus combine the country's know-how in the area of language models and artificial intelligence. Our products are hosted in Swiss data centers in the Zurich area, ensuring reliable data protection for your company. 

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